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1. The artist’s work will remain on consignment with Poesy for a minimum of 90 days. At the end of 90 days Poesy reserves the right to either) keep the artist’s unsold merchandise on consignment orb) take any unsold merchandise off the floor for artist to pick up. Any merchandise left with us for longer than one year without contact from the artist will become property of Poesy.

2. Poesy reserves the right to remove work for whatever reason we may choose. Artist may remove artwork with a one-week notice to Poesy at any time. Artists may not remove work for the purpose of working an outside event with the intent of returning items to the store. You may not pull inventory for shows. Please give us a shot to sell your work, this being said sometimes it takes 6 months to a year to really develop a customer following for different artists at the shop.

3. Poesy will create preliminary monthly sales from the 15th to the 15th of every month. We offer our customers a 2-week period for exchanges. We will wait until the end of the return period to finalize the reports on the first of the month. Payment will be mailed to the artist no later than the 7th of each month. You will receive a list of what sold during the month along with your payment. If payment to the artist amounts to less
than $40.00, payment will automatically roll over to the next month’s pay cycle.

4. Poesy will do it’s best to promote, display and sell your work. You as the artist agree to keep Poesy supplied with artwork. Please take as much pride in keeping up on inventory and stocking us with your work as we do in selling it. Artists who do not respond to multiple restocking requests may be asked to remove their work from Poesy for good.

5. Poesy will work to take the best care possible of your work to prevent theft and damages. That being said Poesy is not responsible for any loss due to theft, vandalism, fire, floor, or an act of nature. We carry no insurance on your product. Artists are encouraged to seek their own insurance.

6. As a courtesy we ask that you do not sell like products at stores within a 5-mile radius of Poesy. That may mean you come up with products that are exclusive to Poesy, while selling other merchandise at neighboring businesses.

7. Please make appointments in advance to drop off new work. Poesy will not take in work without appointments. We can accommodate appointment requests by phone or email. Please wait for confirmation before coming in with work. Sometimes emails get lost or backed up. Please try calling or emailing again if we do not get back to you right away. It gets busy and sometimes with 200 artists it is easy for correspondences to fall through the cracks. You may be turned away if artwork is brought by without an appointment. Appointments will be accommodated 1 hour after the store opens and up to 1 hour before the shop closes. Please check our hours online before requesting a drop off time and date. Weekend Appointments are special and will only be available when it is the only option the artist’s schedule permits.

8. The artist is responsible for bringing in an inventory sheet explaining the work they are dropping off, the retail pricing and their name. Poesy will be happy to barcode, tag and display the artwork in an aesthetically pleasing way.
We are proud to have your work accompany and compliment the works of so many fantastic local and independent artists we love. Poesy is growing and changing every day and we are excited that you’ve chosen to join us.

    Policy Agreement*

    I agree to the term and condition referenced in the consignment agreement.