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Slightly Pregnant

Slightly Pregnant has been reselling maternity clothes for over 30 years and is located next door to us. Stop in if you need maternity clothes or have some that you no longer need.

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City Style Inc.

I am Carrie Vestrand, fashionista/shoe aficionado, and along with my husband, Tim, I opened City Style in 2007.
Having spent much of my time in and around Detroit from childhood and beyond, I grew to love all the city had to offer — especially in terms of culture & fashion. The comradery of the city, with the gorgeous old buildings and urban landscapes, created a rich sense of style that stayed hot even in the midst of winter. Style became my hobby, my passion (okay, obsession) and I decided I wanted to share that with the world.
With Tim's carpentry skills and my love of casual cool apparel, footwear, handbags and accessories the idea of City Style became a reality. We decided on Berkley — because, while it has a fantastic, quaint downtown, we thought it needed a little bit of fashion.
Now, eleven years later we're still that burst of fashion in a growing city: a Mom & Pop shop that caters to our customer’s footwear and style needs.
Need an outfit to ring in your 50th birthday? How about a killer pair of heels for that board meeting? I am excited to work with you until you satisfy your inner fashionista. City Style Inc